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Why I Hate Being A Sports Fan…and Nick Foles and Chip Kelly

I have been a sports fan my entire life. I have played sports my entire life and nothing brings me more joy then watching my favorite sports teams…..but, nothing brings me as much heart ache either. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. When your team wins you are on top of the world and trash talking anybody who dares say a bad thing about your boys (since I am mainly talking about Football, Baseball and Basketball here).  But, when you lose, you are probably the most unpleasant person in the world, at least I am. Now of course, most of this goes for the diehards out there like me; the casual or fair weather fan may not be like this but us support our team to the ends of the earth type of people take this stuff seriously. I can say without a doubt that if I were not a sports fan I would probably live for about an extra 20 years, but this stuff takes a toll on your blood pressure and heart! 

You think I would be use to this by now. After 20 years of being a sport fan you think that I would adjust and  learn to move on, well…NOPE! Let me explain where my problems with this start. I am a Red Sox fan. While I have lived in a pretty good era for my boys, there still have been no shortage of heart breakers for me. Case and point: Bobby Valentine. Then there was the monumental September collapse the year before that. Heart breaking losses to the Evil Empire in the post season and the list goes on. I would like to say that being a Boston sports fan significantly shortens your life more than any other sport fan. Which brings me to my next point…The Celtics….

First off there was the twenty-something win season, I still have nightmares. Then of course there was the Big Three era where the Championship was brought back to the greatest basketball franchise in the world. Then came the heartbreak ever since then! Having to watch the Lakers win a few more titles since truly caused me physical agony and illness. Especially when we would have won had Perkins not been injured. Had my boy Perk not been injured we would have had banner 18 without a doubt. Then was the start of a new rivalry with the boys in South Beach and the heartbreaking 7 game series loss to them (Don’t get em started on Lebron and the joke that is the NBA right now). Then came the ultimate betrayal from my once favorite player turned scum of the earth Ray Allen when he went to join the boys in South Beach where the NBA handed them another title (again don’t get me started). Finally, came the ultimate emotional punch in the face, the idiot himself Danny Ainge traded the second greatest Celtic of all time, Paul Pierce. A man who stuck with the Celtics through terrible times when he could have easily taken his amazing talents and went to a contender and probably won a few more titles. A man who fully embodies what it means to be a Celtic. Then we lost KG as well. A man who brought a Championship caliber attitude and definition to the team. A man who reinvigorated an entire city and made them remember the amazing franchise that we were. As you can tell, it still hurts. And of course I can’t fail to mention the slew of close games that we should be able to pull out this year but continuously do not. I miss you Rondo!!

Now let me bring you to the very thing that prompted this post: The Philadelphia Eagles. No, I am not a Pats fan despite being both a Red Sox and Celtics fan, I actually hate the Pats. How I ended up an Eagles fan is not important now, all that matters is that I am. If you follow football you know that the past few seasons have been rough for me as an Eagles fan. With that being the case I was on top of the world last week after we clinched the division by beating the Cowgirlsboys. And you better believe I was trash talking anyone who even said the world Dallas all week! Then the inevitable happened….they lost. And they didn’t just lose, they lost to the Saints, who were away and in the playoffs. Quick piece of history, the Saints have NEVER won a playoff game on the road….until tonight! The worst part is, as much as I tried to deny it, I knew it was gonna happen. I knew this for two reasons: Nick Foles was our quarterback and Chip Kelly was our coach. I said from the very beginning that we should not have hired Chip and knew that Foles was a phony from the beginning. I don’t care that Foles had the highest passer rating in the league and I will tell you why. First off, he played against a bunch of scrub teams. Don’t believe me? Let me break it down:

He beat the Raiders….yeah so doesn’t everybody. No further explanation needed.

He beat the Packers, impressive! Except it was their first game without Aaron Rodgers, had a few injuries on defense and the Packers D is not the Packers D of old.

He beat the Redskins. Yeah….

He beat the Cardinals, barely. Which is somewhat impressive except they have Carson Palmer throwing the ball for them.

Lesean McCoy beat the Lions with one of the best performances ever in the snow. Foles was pretty much absent as soon as he faced a little adversity

He lost to the VIKINGS….

Then we beat the bears, mostly on the legs of McCoy

Finally we beat the Cowboys thanks to McCoy again and of course Kyle Orton doing his best Tony Romo impression in the 4th quarter with an INT to end the game. 

Secondly, the reason he has a great passer rating is because he would rather tack a sack than throw the ball. He is so scared to throw an INT that he won’t throw the ball or when he does it is out of the reach on ANYBODY. That fact right there is the reason we lost the game tonight. Foles was scared and couldn’t handle the pressure. I understand not wanting to throw an interception but you have to take risks! You are not going to find a wide open receiver every time you throw the ball! So Foles, you either need to go back to the bench or somewhere else entirely. While you’re at it, feel free to take your Buddy Chip. 

Now Chip, I know so many people like to think of you as this football minded genius, and you might have been at Oregon, but here in the NFL you’re mediocre at best. The games that you won were due to a combination of playing scrub teams and the benefit of having the league’s leading rusher in the backfield and possibly the fastest receiver in the league in Desean Jackson running down the field. The games we have lost have been in large part due to horrible decision making on your part. Whether it be terrible clock management against the Chargers and a few other teams as well or it be terrible play calling. For example, in week 14, Lesean McCoy put on the performance of his career rushing for 217 yards in a blizzard! The following week against the Vikings, with a slightly below average rush defense, you only gave McCoy, the league’s leading rusher 8 CARRIES!! 8!! And this is just one of many games where you did not feed the run. A running attack led by McCoy and backed up by a pretty good Bryce Brown who had a couple near 200 yard games last year.This season you were just a bad coach with excellent talent. You don’t belong in the NFL. Go back to Oregon.


Okay guys, I feel much better now. And I will feel even better if Foles and Kelly are gone next semester…which they won’t be. Also, let me take this chance to say that if Foles is the starter next year I hope that Mike Vick is playing for someone else. He is too much of a talent to play backup to a guy like Foles.  He deserves his shot to play somewhere else, preferably somewhere with an OL willing and able to protect him. Vick, you are my favorite player and a joy to watch on the field and can still outrun just about anyone in the league and have one of the best arms in the league. Okay, I’m done.


-I Am A Fed Up Sports (Eagles) Fan


New Year’s Resolutions

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”
 Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Let me start off by saying I hate people that shoot down the “new year, new me” mentality. Yes, January 1st is just a day and one day does not make a whole new person, but for many the thought of a New Year really is a fresh start, their time to forget the past year and start anew. If you don’t think that New Years is a jumping off point for a new beginning that’s fine, but don’t shoot down those that do or discourage them from making resolutions….support those around you in everything they do.

That being said, I have had my fair share of failed resolutions for many different reasons. This year I am hoping I do a little bit better and maybe writing them down for the “world” to see will help motivate me. So here are my New Year’s Resolutions….

1. I will lose 40 lbs by the end of the semester.                                                                                                 I would like to be able to say that the Freshman 15 crept up on me but I would only be so lucky for it to be ONLY the Freshman 15. Truth be told, since I entered college in 2011 I have gained about 70 lbs. Admittedly when I came into college I was a little on the scrawny side and maybe looked a little unhealthy. So while I don’t want to return to that point, I also am not happy with where I am today. This means that I will have to get over my hatred for exercise and my love for taco bell (that hurt to say) but it is necessary in order for me to be happy with myself physically.

2. I will earn a 4.0 GPA this semester.                                                                                                                      I by no means struggle academically. I have earned a 3.75 GPA thus far in my college career which is something that I am very proud of. However, I know that I am capable of better work and capable of earning a 4.0 this semester. I need to improve my time management skills and cut back on my procrastination. My biggest challenge, however, is taking classes out of my major and the less challenging classes more seriously. If I can do that then I know that I will achieve this goal.

3. Be a better me!                                                                                                                                                                 Yes, I know, how cliche can I be? I won’t go into huge detail here but everyday I want to work on being a better me than the day before, in every sense of the word. I want to be a better friend, boyfriend, son, brother, nephew, cousin, student, citizen, leader and any other identifier that has been attached to me.

This is what I hope to accomplish for at least the first half of the year. I will no doubt slip up at points but now that I have this post to refer back to I can have a constant reminder as to what I want to accomplish I think I have a pretty good shot at it this year.

On campus I am a Peer Advisor which is essentially a mentor for first year students. One of the most important things I do with them is known as a Personal Success Plan. This is a worksheet that they fill out with what their goals will be for their freshman year. I think what makes this so successful is that they walk away with a copy of their goals and the steps they identified would help them get there. I will use this post as my own version of a Personal Success Plan and hopefully refer back to it often.


-I am Starting Fresh.