Totally a tourist

So today we completely played the part of tourist and went all around Rio on a cultural tour and visited some pretty cool places of interest.

Our first stop was the site where Carnival is held each year. We saw the area where as many as 2 million people gather to dance and listen to traditional Brazilian music. We had the opportunity to try on some traditional samba costumes so of course I jumped at the opportunity! 20140617-220000-79200317.jpg
Personally I think I look great! And let me tell you, after five minutes I was sweating so I couldn’t imagine what it’s like for the dancers in the summer heat!

We next stopped at a catholic cathedral unlike any I had ever seen. When I hear cathedral I think typical cathedral like that in Italy or Spain. This was different because it was built in the shape of a cone, with inspiration from the Mayan Pyramids. It was definitely unique but really cool. It was designed to represent the people. A large base to represent all the people and narrow at the top to represent the small amount of people who made it into heaven.


The last stop was the Escadaria Selarón or Selarón’s Staircase. Which is a set of 215 steps in the middle of Rio where the artist spent 25 years decorating the stairs with artwork from all over the world!


Another great day topped off by FINALLY having authentic Brazilian food and it was delicious!!


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