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A Brazilian send off done right

Today was unfortunately our last day in Rio and we are off to home tomorrow! While it is extremely sad, I feel we had a fitting farewell.

Our first stop was at the International Broadcast Center where we learned all about the process of producing and broadcasting the World Cup. While it really wasn’t my area of interest it was still interesting seeing how the beautiful game is broadcasted into the homes of millions of people throughout the world. One of our unexpected stops was in the television studio for Televisa, a Mexican television station that was covering the World Cup and we got to check out their set 20140623-195009-71409391.jpg

Then after the IBC we headed back to our hotel for an authentic Brazilian barbecue prepared by our driver Daniel. Daniel is truly a jack of all trades, he’s a great cook, a police officer, a driver, an event promoter and as we would soon find out a great soccer player. We had delicious food and ended the barbecue with a little ceremony to thank Rodrigo and Daniel, the dream team that helped make our time here so amazing!


But of course, no Brazilian celebration is complete without a friendly soccer match that we roped Rodrigo and Daniel into! And let me just say that each of them are probably about 40 years old and wiped the floor with us! But it was a whole lot of fun and definitely a workout, and here is some proof that I have a little athleticism left in my body…


And if that didn’t tire us out enough, we decided that one final fans of volleyball was in order! While my team lost the soccer match we cleaned house in volleyball, which is my sport anyway. Even in the sand, after years off the court, it appears I still got something left in the volleyball tank!


It’s hard to believe that this experience is over, and I will post in a couple days summing up my whole experience but to make it short, this truly was the experience of a lifetime and one I will NEVER forget! Thank you Rio! See you again soon (hopefully).