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At the Copa, Copacabana

Today we finally had a beach day! The weather wasn’t quite what I would have liked it to be but it was sunny and there was no rain so I won’t complain!

We spent the day visiting two of the most famous beaches in Rio and the world, Ipanema and Copacabana! The water was an amazing temperature and the beach gave us a beautiful view and scenery. 20140621-210605-75965521.jpg

While on one of the beaches I got try try coconut water for the first time, and it was fresh straight from the coconut and it was pretty good!


Also while at the beach we were looking for a place to eat and stumbled across a restaurant that immediately caught my attention for obvious reasons…


Our last stop before going home was a display of the United Nations Buddy Bears. Giant bears decorated by over 140 nations displayed together to demonstrate unity. How fitting since the Golden Bears were there for a visit! Here I am with the bears from Brazil and Spain!



While I didn’t quite get the tan I was hoping for, I still get to say I swam in the ocean…..AT THE COPA, COPACABANA!!


Living in the past

Today was one of my favorite days because we spent the day learning about Brazil’s history and I am a huge history buff!

We spent the day in Petropolis, the imperial city, which stands for Peter’s city, who was the emperor of Brazil in the 17th century. We started the day in the former imperial palace turned museum.


Unfortunately we could not take pictures inside the museum but it was absolutely beautiful! Learning the history of Brazil was great, and as a political science major, comparing the imperial history to that of other countries was especially rewarding and eye opening for me.

As we walked through Petropolis it looked as if the town hadn’t been touched since the 17th century. Even a house we walked by that was having construction done on it looked straight out of the imperial period. You could see the Brazilian people had a strong and proud connection to their history; something you don’t see a lot in the United States.

Next was a quick stop at another cathedral, a typical French style cathedral but beautiful nonetheless. Here, don’t take my word for it



Our next stop was lunch where we had some authentic food once again! Those who know me know that I love to eat and I love food. Those that know me well know my favorite food is Shepard’s Pie and today I had the Brazilian version and it was delicious! Now it’s not grams Shepard’s pie but it did the job today!

Our final stop was at the Bohemia Cervejaria (brewery) where we learned about the history of beer and alcohol both in Brazil and the world. Did you know the Egyptians introduced the world to beer? Maybe that should be one of the 7 wonders of the world instead of the pyramids (just kidding). It was an extremely interactive your with games and photo opportunities the whole way. At the end we got to taste two types of Bohemian beers, a Pilsen and a Confraria. Now I’m not much of a beer person (at least I’m assuming so because I am not 21 so I’ve OBVIOUSLY neeeever had alcohol) but the Pilsen was pretty good!


Another great day in Brazil in the (history) books. Hope you’re enjoying following my journey half as much as I’m enjoying having it!